(Coffee Concept ... Mobile)
    (Fast Food With Theme)
    (Distribution on Internet)
    (School Support)
    (Fast Food with Theme)
  • ORPI
    (Network of Real Estate Agencies)
    (Sale of Auto Parts in Corner)


French networks accompanied internationally:

ALTO CAFÉ (coffee concept … mobile)

ANTICAFÉ (co-working space)

BAGEL CORNER (fast food with theme)

CAVAVIN (wine merchant)

COTE SUSHI (theme restaurant)

DELIFRANCE (bakery pastry made in France)

ORPI International (network of real estate agencies)

International brands for which I source investors (Master Franchisee, Master Licentiate, Joint Venture, Operational Director, Investment Fund ……):

NORDIC VISION (optical without prescription)
TEA SHOP (high-end tea)
THE ALTERNATIVE BOARD / TAB (Leadership Training Meeting)

To respect the confidentiality of the projects, we send the other brands on request Certified expert consultant within the company AXE RESEAUX In 2014, I joined the consulting company AXE RESEAUX as a certified expert consultant.

I accompany division managers to build and structure their franchise development projects

ALBATRE COURTAGE (finance broker, real estate, investments, etc.)

BOOSTER INSTITUT (beauty institute)

BYE BYE NITS (anti-lice center)

CACHAREL (ready to wear)

FC AUTOMOTIVE (sale of car spare parts)


LA FRITUUR (fast food with theme)

LOOK’S COIFFURE (hairdressing salon)

NINA SUSHI (theme restaurant)

PIXIVA SOLUTIONS (business consulting)

PIZZA PATON (theme restaurant)

RELAXAUTO (car center … mobile)

RESPIRE HABITAT (energetic renovation)

STUDIOS VOA (recording & voice doubling)

THE GAME (escape game)

WEDGE INSTITUTE & WEDGE TRAINING (vocational training school)


Thierry Bennetot & Franck VuylstekeTom WALLISJean-Marc FitoussiGrégory ClémentJean-Luc EvesqueMichel ABITBOL Christophe FliegansLudovic Jumelle et Christophe DaineJean-Baptiste GouacheEmmanuel GrenierDavid M. AferiatJacques GautrandArnaud LEMONNIEROlivier GuerreroDenis SeguierJoseph ObadiaSoriya JametJean Samper
"David Borgel has demonstrated throughout the accompanying mission a serious and quality approach and he has shown particularly the qualities of listening, availability and responsiveness" Watch Video:
Thierry Bennetot & Franck Vuylsteke
Partners at Albâtre Courtage
"A serious and accurate audit, a shared and accessible experience to increase efficiency. Professional and attentive partner ''
Founder CEO at ALTO CAFÉ (Groupe Café Richard)
"We are satisfiedwith the workdone by Franchise Me up. The questions posed upstream testify to the mastery of the subject of the Franchise. The final report punctuates an in-depth study essential to the continuation of the feasibility study "
Jean-Marc Fitoussi
Founder CEO at Groupe Progress
"Whenyouwant to build a network, thereis a Franchise know-how thatyou have to go for. For that, we have to go with people who have experience... We asked for several of them and we had a very good relationship with David Borgel, who understands the entrepreneurs, who understands that " A project is people "
Grégory Clément
Partner at Bagel Corner
"The study done by David Borgel has served us well: it has already set the stage, and let us know what we could do and how. A first quantification has been carried out and today we are thinking about the step to be taken and the implementation" Watch Video:
Jean-Luc Evesque
CEO at Booster Institut
"I chose David Borgel to accompany me in the development of my network. I was able to draw on David's expertise and the firm's methodologies to structure our recruitment process. He set up our first re-advertising campaign to recruit our next franchises "
"An alliance of skills and humanrelationships to serve clients meansthatdeliveryis of high quality"
Christophe Fliegans
Founder at La Frituur
"Very good relationshipwith David Borgel. Listening to the project very good. The exchanges were always interesting, very good experience for us " "The feeling is very good with David who is very close to his customers. His experience at Midas was a plus. He has always been good advice. After meeting with 4 experts, it was obvious that it was David the right person " Watch Video:
Ludovic Jumelle et Christophe Daine
CEO at Relaxauto
"David has extensive experience in the organization and management of franchise networks. On a number of issues that have been dealt with by the firm, David has been able to deliver pragmatic, accessible and directly usable and useful advice and deliverables for retailers. "
Jean-Baptiste Gouache
Lawyer specialised in franchise at Gouache Avocats
"I've had the chance to workwith David several years. Professionally it is someone on whom one can rely and who has the rare quality to do what he says and say when that is not possible. He has a real expertise in the world of franchising and networks. Moreover, David is a pugnacious and enduring worker who is at the end of his commitments. Passionate about his work he has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge of networks and their functioning. Finally, our exchanges, which are always rich and convivial, make David a very pleasant person on a daily basis, even on complex subjects or in periods of pressure "
Emmanuel Grenier
Founder at de Gâté sans Gluten
"David brings intellect, a drive for results, and professionalism in delivering service and value to his clients. His most admirable trait is his heart. A man of integrity and character that I'd be lucky to have on my team or work alongside in the future"
David M. Aferiat
Co-Founder managing partner at trade Ideas LCC
"David Borgel is an expert in Franchising. His consulting activity is based on a solid knowledge of the functioning of this commercial organization system for having worked in networks and now as a consultant. His technical knowledge is coupled with obvious human and relational qualities "
Jacques Gautrand
Independent economic journalist, editor of, moderator & lecturer Chief Reactor of the Express franchise Guide
"I have always had a lot of fun talking with David"
Franchising Director at B&B Hotels
“I used to work with David Borgel during 2 years, when sourcing potential candidates for a franchisor. David is a very focused, dedicated and goal oriented consultant. In 2014 David joined our Franchise World Link team to manage France. His large professional network, his experience, his expertise in Franchise and his operational knowledges skills make him valuable to reach our development focus”
Olivier Guerrero
CEO at Franchise World Link
“David is very efficient and proactive in his job. He's able to analyse a situation and propose different solution to solve it. Capacite of job important. Good manners in stress. Nice for the daily relationship. Honnest and smart”
Denis Seguier
General Director Midas Belgium at Midas Europe
"David Borgelisalwayslistening, available and involved in everyproject. He is experienced, professional and responsive. I highly recommend such a partner "
Joseph Obadia
CEO at Groupe Nina Sushi
"Whatwelikedwasthat David believed in ourproject. It was his understanding of the concept that prompted us to work with him " Watch Video:
Soriya Jamet
Sales Manager at Guidae Events
J'ai pu travailler avec David lorsqu'il était opérationnel en réseau et je travaille avec lui maintenant qu'il est consultant. Il est précis, souple et concret. Il fait partie de ces consultants qui savent de quoi ils parlent mais sans être prétentieux et "m'as-tu-vu". Je le recommande chaudement. Jean Samper, fondateur d' et du Franchise Business Club.
Jean Samper
Fondateur du Franchise Business Club et du site AC Franchise
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